Paul Naswell



Paul has spent 5 years in Vancouver as an accredited actor, with KC Talent Agency.

He has appeared in films on Hallmark, Lifetime, and many other networks. Paul has directed, edited and filmed along side an award-winning Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Director. Additionally he has produced cross-promotional videos for international health foundations, to increase awareness and engagement. Paul has directed and produced short films on Canadian and American personalities.


Paul has been mentored in business, by several CEOs in Canada and the US; he has been invited into high-level corporate meetings and knows decorum. At the age of 24 he has attended private events at NASA, Veterans Affairs, Disney World and others. 

His network is expansive and eclectic. 


Paul’s most recent venture has included the directing of the WHAT IF? Docuseries. 

Paul is an avid athlete, living an active lifestyle. He is a talented musician and enjoys performing. Due to his musical abilities and creativity the post production quality of sound and music design is superb! 


 "Every project has unlimited potential."   - Paul Naswell

Tyler Naswell


Tyler has an eye for creative and detailed visuals. He puts 100% into his work, always seeking to provide the best visual experience. He recently completed the “FulltimeFilmmaker” course, which has sharpened his skills and camera abilities.


Tyler has been drumming for 11 years. During that time, he has worked on production and technical stages for churches, concerts, sports events, and other public events. His desire to create entertainment is above and beyond.


“Videography isn’t just a job for me, it’s a passion. Every time I step out and get to engage on a project, I know there is a new story to be told, and I get to control the emotions and memories felt in the film. There’s nothing like it.” - Tyler Naswell